Roddy White Said Extremely Unfortunate Things About Joe Paterno And Penn State Today

  • Glenn Davis

Just another day in the life of Falcons receiver Roddy White. Oh look – he’s keeping us up to date with what he’s doing on Twitter! Let’s see what ol’ Roddy’s up to:

Way to be, Roddy – gotta keep in top condition even during the offseason, so you’re ready to go when the games start. Anyway, glad you shared that, keep up the good work and

Oh no. Hey Roddy, glad you’re so active on Twitter, but don’t you want to go outside and enjoy a summer day and maybe not do anything else on the computer right now and NO WAIT WAIT STOP

So… uh… Roddy, again, great you’re exercising your right to free speech and all that, but really, again, maybe at least just close Twitter down right now, maybe clear your mind, meditate or something and NO OH GOD DON’T DO IT WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING JUST DON’T DO IT

Say, Roddy, I have a real cool idea. You’re an outspoken guy, you like to make big statements… what if you just renounced technology entirely and never used, say, a computer or smartphone on which you could access Twitter or otherwise send tweets again, for any reason? Just think, you could even start a movement and NOOOOOOOO HAVE MERCY NO NO NO STOP IT STOP IT RIGHT NOW AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So. Let’s get the obvious out of the way and say that White probably shouldn’t have said any of this. Let’s also say how, for one, the Freeh report and corresponding press release/summary suggest that in the case of the 1998 investigation of Sandusky, Paterno didn’t even do the absolute minimum (as he did in the McQueary incident) and instead kept entirely silent on the matter. How the problem wasn’t that the media didn’t find out about Sandusky’s assaults but that police didn’t. (He was right that the head people should have done more, though.) Apparently he saw some such objections to the tweets, because then he said this:

And then, some backtracking:

Sort of hard to believe that he really read much of the report, though, since it pretty much contradicted everything he was saying before about Paterno. And in case you were wondering: yeah, he knows he spelled “raping” as “rapping,” which caused you to have mental images of Jerry Sandusky spitting rhymes on the practice field while instructing his defense, a mental image you then felt bad for laughing at (or maybe that was just me):

You know, after all he’d just said prior to that, I don’t think he really needed to clarify that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. And I’ll at least give him a little credit for not deleting everything or saying he got hacked (UPDATE: he deleted a bunch of them later on, but he still never said he got hacked, so there’s that). At least he owns his craziness. But he wants everyone to know he’s done with this now:

Yeah, not sure everyone else will be quite as eager to move on.

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