A Few Of The More Colorful Questions NFL Fans Sent Roger Goodell On Reddit Today

  • Glenn Davis

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did an AMA on Reddit earlier today. Earlier, we covered one question that he actually (sort of) answered – one that came courtesy of Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. While yes, Kluwe tried to rickroll Goodell with his wording, the question was for the most part respectful.

Well, we know what you’re thinking: “Respectful? Booooooooring!” And indeed, not all the questions asked of Goodell showed the same level of restraint. Because we care, we’ve collected a few – but not all, there are plenty more of them here – of the more pointed (and frankly, sometimes downright hateful) things people said to the commissioner. The highlights:

“With your recent 5-year salary contract ending with $20 million annually, and referee annual salary contracts after the negations this year upping only $55,000 annually. (Max after 6 years) My question is how much more will we let money compromise the integrity of the game, and should we automatically expect another referee lockout in 2019 when you try more stiff-arm contract negotiations?”

Status: unanswered. This one was barbed, but trust us – it got worse.

From user “New_Orleans_Saints”:

I just have one thing to say.

Status: unanswered. Though if Goodell had replied with a gif of him giving the finger, something tells us some of the people who went into the AMA despising him would have left it with a sense of newfound respect.

“How do we impeach you?”

Status: unanswered. Well, duh. No one’s just going to TELL you how to impeach them.

“Is your asshole jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth?”

Status: unanswered. One would think the asshole might be jealous of the orifices that did not have shit coming out of them, but one never knows.

“you suck”

Status: unanswered. Though if he saw that “question,” a certain TV show name probably came to mind.

I would like to reiterate that I hate you.
And so does everyone else.”

Status: unanswered. Well, not much to add to that, really.

“Fuck you Goodell.”

Status: unanswered. Ditto for this one.

“Hi Roger, I am a huge football fan, but I am becoming increasingly concerned about the players’ safety. How many more severe injuries is it going to take before the NFL changes to two-hand touch only, with players wrapped in bubble wrap and the game is played in a bouncey castle?”

Status: unanswered. Though think about this for a second – bubble-wrapped NFL players playing touch football in a bouncy castle. It is just us, or would that… actually kind of be awesome?

“My question is your response to the following: I think you are the single worst thing to happen to the NFL since its inception. You can laud that player safety and the integrity of the game are always your primary concerns; however, you reek of smarmy, disingenuous, duplicity and I think you are a disgrace. Your policies have made the games nigh unwatchable and you should be mentioned with utter shame and embarrassment in the future. Watching your interviews shows what kind of a smug, pretentious, hack you truly are. I hope the rest of your tenure is short. I hope you leave this game, that you have tried to ruin, known forever as the charlatan that you are.”

Status: unanswered; Mic status: dropped.

Getty photo, by Mario Tama