Roger Goodell Did A Twitter Q&A With Fans. I See No Way This Ends Badly

  • Rick Chandler

If you think that a company’s CEO gets some awkward questions at the company picnic, try this. If you were on the Internet beginning at 1 p.m. eastern today, you may have seen the rolling tire fire that was NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Twitter Q&A with fans. Price of admission was a question with an #AskCommish hashtag, and many thousands opened fire. In addition to being vulgar and inappropriate, many of the questions were, well, great questions, and hard to laugh off. Although I’m sure Goodell tried.


Let’s sample some others.

The most telling measure of the man is that he didn’t seem to answer any of the questions above. When you have a $40 million contract, I guess that makes you impervious to satire. And truth.