Roger Goodell Takes On Ice Bucket Challenge, Needs To Learn How To Use A Camera

  • Igor Mello

The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the nation by storm, with folks on social media raising millions for the ALS Association and research for Lou Gehrig’s disease. It’s for a good cause, and it’s been making waves through the sports world lately. Players, coaches and even owners have taken the stage to raise awareness.

However, I may have reached my boiling point when I saw NFL dictator/commissioner Roger Goodell dumping a bucket of ice water over himself. As you can tell, because of his latest suspensions, I’m not the biggest Goodell supporter, so even a silly video to raise money and awareness kind of ticked me off.

After watching the video, my initial thought was: He couldn’t even get a real camera to film him pouring a bucket over his head? And even if he wanted the video to come out of a cell phone to keep its candidness, why would he shoot it vertically?

Just because your iPhone is vertical, it doesn’t mean the video should be, old man. Vertical photos/videos are one of my biggest pet peeves. When have you seen vertically-shot movie in the theaters. I’m sure your team is better than that when it comes to technology.

Again, I’m not against donating money for ALS research. And I’m okay with Goddell helping out the cause. I just feel like nowadays, anything that man does will somehow grind my gears. If you want to keep up the good work and donate to ALS research, click here.