The Raiders’ Rolando McClain Got Arrested, Then Took One Spectacular Photo

  • Glenn Davis

There are a lot of bad things about the arrest of Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain in Decatur, Alabama*. There are the charges themselves: assault, menacing, reckless endangerment and firing a gun inside the city limits. There’s the allegation that McClain held a gun beside a man’s head, and the allegation that he then fired the gun (not at the man).

There’s more, like the police report’s statement that the man begged McClain not to shoot him, that one person was injured in the altercation, though no one was shot…oh, and that McClain was down in Alabama for his grandfather’s funeral. Yes – a lot of bad things. And the photo above, taken of McClain as he was being arrested by John Godbey for The Decatur Daily, is not one of them.

[h/t Spencer Hall]

*Worth noting: McClain reported a drive-by shooting in Decatur back in January (h/t Deadspin).