Rolando McClain, That Guy Who Gets Arrested In Decatur A Lot, Is Done With Football

  • Eric Goldschein

Rolando McClain: BCS National Champion. Winner of the Lambert Award. The 8th overall pick in the 2010 Draft. An ex-Oakland Raiders linebacker. A very recent addition to the Baltimore Ravens. A dude who gets arrested in Decatur, AL pretty often. Now, you can add “ex-NFL player” to that distinguished list of accomplishments.

A little more than a month after signing a one year deal with the Ravens, McClain suddenly retired from the league, telling Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome he wanted out.

Remember: the Ravens were going to hold on to him, despite his being arrested in Decatur for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest just 10 days after signing with them. That was his third arrest in Decatur since 2011. His first arrest stemmed from a December 2011 shooting. The second came when McClain was pulled over for a tinted windows violation and he provided the officer with a false name (That name, allegedly: “Fuck y’all”).

McClain is recently married and has two young children. It’s unclear what he plans to do to support his family, now that he’s given up on playing football for money. Hopefully, this 23-year-old comes to his senses, chills out, and gets back to work. We’ll try to forget this whole thing ever happened.

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