Rolando McClain Signed A Citation Ticket For Tinted Windows “F— Y’all,” So Police Arrested Him

  • Dylan Murphy

According to WHNT News in Decatur, Alabama, Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain was arrested on Tuesday for providing police with a fake name after he was pulled over for driving with tinted windows.

McClain presumably had his license on him at the time of the arrest, so why would he lie? Because f— the police, according to the Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle.

You may remember that McClain was arrested back in 2011 – also in Decatur – for assault, menacing, reckless endangerment and firing a gun inside city limits, so he doesn’t have the greatest resume of friendship with police. (Though he was convicted, charges were later dropped on appeal.) And that’s where the above photo comes from, a cherished memory in Decatur police history.

It seems that McClain likely would have had the citation thrown out if that last tweet about photosensitivity is true, but Rolando McClain has no time for legal squabbling, apparently. Because sometimes you just need to tell a man to go f— himself.