RotoExpert Pat Mayo Presents Week 6 Fantasy Football Flex Rankings: Julio Jones Problems

You got Julio Jones problems,
I feel bad for you son.
I got 99 problems (not actually, 99’s a lot)
but receiver ain’t one.


Julio Jones owners, you just got Piper’d – Just when you had the answers… the question changed! Jones straight gave you the Verbal Kint. One day, your league mates trembled in fear with a mere glance of your receiving stronghold, and like that, POOF… it’s gone.

[Cut to black. Remember to insert Hitchcockian string beat too]

So what to do? Pray that bench depth comes through? That would be nice, but we all don’t play in 10-team leagues. Simply hit the Waiver wire? We just lost our second round pick here. Kennan Allen’s not exactly filling that void. Hate to tell ya.

It’s basically an unsolvable problem, unless you play with dimwits, I suppose. You’re not going to recoup the loss of Jones’ production without damaging your squad elsewhere. Mainly, because you’re inevitably going to try to replace said production at wide receiver.

This is why we have a FLEX spot.

To most, the FLEX is used as a last resort; temporary placement for your serfs on your roster. It doesn’t need to be that way. Although it’s entirely logical – which is probably the issue – turns out, every single starting spot in your lineup is worth exactly the same. Yet few regard it that way. From quarterback to kicker, you want to get the most points possible from each slot. Doesn’t matter the position. I’d make a sizeable wager whoever owns KC D/ST in your league is currently kicking ass.

So instead of routinely playing roulette at FLEX every week, go out and acquire the most undervalued player – at any position – to mitigate your loss, and play them at FLEX. All it means is that instead of flipping a coin between a mediocre running back/wide receiver/tight end on Sunday mornings, just fill your FLEX with high end talent, and play that game with your final WR spot.

Basically, that was my longwinded way of saying trade for Jordan Cameron, Rob GRONKowski or Julius Thomas as your Julio Jones replacement.

Fatal 3-Way: GRONK > Cameron > Thomas

Forget how those symbols work? Think of them as Pac-Man, it’s eating the better choice. Don’t confuse with Miss Pac-Man however; you see, she has a bow in her hair.

I’m pretty certain the most common draft-day scenario this summer had someone drafting GRONK in the fifth or sixth round, then gambling on Cameron in the tenth or so. I play in 13 leagues; in nine of them this is the case. In three of the remaining four, if the GRONK owner didn’t scoop up Cameron late, they splurged on Thomas after his giant opening Thursday. And for whatever reason, now that it appears GRONK is returning this week, Fantasy players are willing to take 75-cents on the dollar to get rid of one half of their burly duo.

So far this week I’ve witnessed Cameron get swapped straight up for Eric Decker, Larry Fitzgerald and Hakeem Nicks. And those were just in my leagues. I guess this is an overreaction to Cameron not catching a touchdown against the Bills. If he’s not going to find the end zone every week why even own him, right? Sounds stupid, but this is really the way peoples’ minds work in the age of instant reaction. It’s not even “what have you done for me lately?” It’s “What are you doing it for me RIGHT NOW?”

Still don’t like Cameron as much as GRONK, though.

Maybe it’s the allure of the unknown – the romanticism of risk. It’s strange, but I just don’t worry about his health all the much. All along he – and the Patriots – have clearly stated he wouldn’t be rushed back until it was clear he was at full strength. Good enough for him, good enough for me. Not to say he can’t get hurt again. It would be foolish to think that way, but his upside trumps both Cameron’s and Thomas’ by a substantial margin.

Gronk possesses the best traits of both: He’s the focal point of the offense for his team – like Cameron – and has one of the league’s best pivots getting him the ball – like Thomas.

Some will argue Thomas is actually the superior option of the three. It’s not an awful side to take, but one clearly being influenced by his outing at Dallas, where his stat line clearly chugged some special pre-game nerve tonic. The result? GIGANTISM! Problem is, it’s not going to be this way every week. On the whole, Thomas’ week-to-week numbers will be consistently capricious. Basically, he’s slightly more athletic Dallas Clark in a Peyton Manningoffense. Meaning, a handful of huge games, followed by serviceable outings, but will rarely be the top option. Which isn’t terrible, but there’s a chance – in any given game – that he could slide as far down the Broncos’ offensive pecking order to fifth behind brother from the same mother (not really) Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Knowshon Moreno. It seems far more likely one of the triumvirate of receivers falls to the bottom of the usage index before Orange is the New Julius, or Knowshon for that matter, but if the big man keeps terrorizing the competition, defenses will take him out of the game.

Frankly, all three are in a tier by themselves behind Graham – that’s JIMMY, not Garrett. All three are great and all three will continue to be great. And if someone in your league owns both, go find out how little it will take to pry away the one they like the least.

That’s how you solve your Julio Jones problem.


Shout out to the ultimate middle school slow-dance track of the late-90s, only Aerosmith’s Armageddon single is close.  If it wasn’t for the soothing vocal stylings of K-Ci (or potentially JoJo, I don’t know which is which) in Grade 8 I may never have built up the courage to pull off the “shift-hands-from-lower-back-onto-ass” move mid-slow dance. And if I didn’t do that, what kind of man would I be now? A lesser one for sure… and I’m already barely a man as is…

There were a slew of songs in the running this week but I had a moment in my epiphany elevator – not to be confused the rooftop “epiphany toilet” – during one of the copious amounts of cig breaks I take while writing this. But right before I ventured down to the fifth floor smoking stoop, I randomly downloaded a collection of the 90s best songs – shockingly, the playlist was longer than eight tracks. So, I have my headphones in when I depress the “5” button, but there’s someone else in the lift, and they’ve decided to talk to me. Since I exclusively use noise-canceling buds, I have absolutely no idea what he’s saying. So, I rip them out and try catching up on what this guy’s spewing mid-sentence. It doesn’t get that far, though. He cuts himself off and simply says, “Dude, K-Ci and Jojo?”

Crazy thing was, the super recognizable opening stanza hadn’t even come on yet. It was some ultra long piano opening version I didn’t know existed. Yet, through the faint sound emanating from my ear buds, this guy was instantly able to pin point the track, without hearing the most detectable part. This man is a hero. He was also wicked high. So this is dedicated to you sir.

It’s insane how your brain absorbs hyper specific things. I haven’t heard this song in at least 10 years, but I still remember every inflection on every word. So, after Johnny Stoner exited the elevator I quickly went into my iPhone notes lists and added All My Life to “Songs Pat can do at Karaoke”. Now, I know that seems like a bizarre thing to keep track of, but when it comes time to select a tune to belt out, I invariably pick one that I think I know the words to. You should have seen my reaction upon finding out that The Animals’ House of the Rising Sun has more lyrics than, “There is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun”. The only reaction worse than mine, was everyone else’s at the bar listening to me labor through it.





Denver, obviously


CIN at BUF or DEN vs JAX. Both were dropped in a passel of leagues last week because of their awful matchups.




ARZ/SF u41.5


The Houston Texans like throwing to tight ends in the redzone. Matt Schuab likes throwing to tight ends in the redzone. Matt Schaub is the starting quarterback – barely – for the Houston Texans. GARRETT GRAHAM IS A TIGHT END!!!!

Cecil ShortsJustin BlackMONChad Henne are all going to be garbage time saviors against the Broncos.

First it was Leonard Hankerson. Then Eddie Royal, Donnie Avery, Eric Decker and both Hakeem Nicks andRueben Randle last week. It’s a blueprint: Start WR2s against the Eagles. So if you were wondering, that’s why I like Mike Williams more than Vincent Jackson in Week 6.

If Calvin Johnson is out again: A) I’m not starting Matt Stafford and B) Kris Durham becomes a sneaky deep play again. Led all Lions with 8 targets last week sans Megatron. And scored a TD! Ditto for DeAndre Hopkins ifAndre Johnson’s hamstring makes him a no-go. The Rams don’t cover WR1s go good.

I’m writing this with The Bourne Legacy on in the background. A flick I really don’t know why I haven’t watched before. I love the Bourne series. No other films make wildly overcomplicated scenarios and ideas seem so trivial. Now, I was only half watching, so I can’t give a full review, but these we’re the things that made me look up from my computer:

  • Ed Norton likes running
  • I wonder how much they had to give Paddy Considine appear for 8 seconds?
  • There’s a lot of snow. I bet this filmed in British Columbia.
  • I don’t remember any of these color-coded serums for the other movies. Also, how cool are serums?
  • Why is Ed Norton wearing blue contacts? And what movie did Ed Norton get to make to appear in this? Maybe he just wanted to be in it because he seems to be taking this part very seriously. Just a big Bourne fan maybe? Couldn’t blame him, who’s not?
  • No… don’t take the pill. This is a movie… that’s not The Matrix.
  • Nice RAM1500 product placement. BEST FUEL ECONOMY, PALLL
  • Hurt Locker sure asks a lot of questions.
  • This was definitely filmed in BC.
  • One generic Treadstone henchman looks just like Jason Sudeikis.
  • Every Bourne movie has “the look into fluorescently lit bathroom mirror in despair before changing appearance” scene between our hero and the random babe du jour.
  • This timeline is all over the place. These dudes must have killed “non-linear editing” in college.
  • Now they’re actually talking about going to Canada! It was a fake though.
  • The “go ahead, call your boss and ask him” move never fails.
  • Oh good, a loudmouth Aussie. This role should always be Tony G’s to turn down.
  • Sweet, random flashbacks. Turns out the magic super drug is Acid. They should just go talk to The Dude.
  • I don’t think the filmmakers were allowed to use the Bourne branding without including a-through-the-city chase scene. Wasn’t as good as the ‘Ronin-style’ one from the first movie though.
  • I wonder how much it costs to insure a street-side fruit stands? Their premiums must be astronomical. I wonder how many people drive straight through them per year? At least seven, I’d say.
  • I wonder how many people confused the Pilipino flag with Cuba’s at the end, Or Texas’ for that matter?

Overall, solid flick… probably.

Talked a bit last week about Terrelle Pryor’sSpader Upside”, and it was on display against the Chargers. He looked terrific. Although, most pivots tend to against San Diego. Either way, Denarius Moore walked away from that win as the Raiders receiver to own. While he and Rod Streater were highly useful, it was clear Pryor was leaning on Moore when he needed a big play. Denarius was targeted eight times, Streater just three.

With Donnie Avery banged up, I like Dwayne Bowe to finally break out.

Having tight end troubles? No problem. Figure out who is starting at TE for BYE this week and play them against the Dolphins.

Meet Terrance Williams, hot waiver pickup of the week. After one game with seven receptions and another with 151-yards and a touchdown of production, Fantasy gamers were quick to use their waiver priorities and blow their FAAB Budgets on the Cowboys #SUPERROOK who really does resemble a genuine solution to PPR players’ WR3 or FLEX needs. But that was all without Miles Austin on the field. Now Austin returns and no one knows what to do. I’m guessing, Williams gets a few more looks than he did when Austin was there before, but not many more. I like Miles Austin 3:16 more this week and going forward, assuming he’s healthy. Williams is a terrific stash however should Austin’s hamstring decided to take revenge on him… again.

I’m back conducting the Coby Fleener train this week. The Chargers lack a pass rush, so Fleener won’t need to stay in the block like he was forced to last week against Seattle.

Pierre Thomas is legit. More legit than Darren Sproles in fact… as long as the horrible Mark Ingram remains sidelined.

If you’re going with a Chargers receiver, make it Kennan Allen this week. But don’t be stunned to see Royal outscore Vincent Brown. I don’t like Brown, at all. Or any of these guys that much against the Colts this week for that matter. Philip Rivers included.

As long as Chris Johnson doesn’t score the week’s flukiest TD, expect him to do nothing against the Seahawks.

And of you’re completely out of options, remember, Santana Moss always kills the Cowboys. Especially in Dallas.

(Rankings & injuries spin updated Saturday & Pregame Sunday morning)

Points per reception (PPR) scoring must be treated differently than standard leagues. Receivers and scat backs like Darren Sproles, Danny Woodhead and Roy Helu have inflated value in PPR scoring. As do possession receivers – Wes Welker, Danny Amendola and others in their mold are safer options. Catches tend to be more consistent and predictive. Obviously, touchdowns and yards are still important, but when considering FLEX options exploit any advantage you can. For standard scoring, running backs with hands of stone like Alfred Morris, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Stevan Ridley all see their stocks rise without catches in the mix.

Not Ranked because of injury:  Donnie Avery, Santonio Holmes, Darren McFadden, David Wilson, Ryan Mathews, Owen Daniels
Bye, Bye, Byes: Miami, Atlanta

  1. Arian Foster
  2. Jimmy Graham
  3. Dez Bryant
  4. Matt Forte
  5. LeSean McCoy
  6. Adrian Peterson
  7. Jamaal Charles
  8. A.J. Green
  9. Brandon Marshall
  10. Torrey Smith
  11. Pierre Garcon
  12. Andre Johnson
  13. Calvin Johnson
  14. Reggie Wayne
  15. Cecil Shorts
  16. Demaryius Thomas
  17. DeMarco Murray
  18. Julius Thomas
  19. Alfred Morris
  20. Reggie Bush
  21. Marshawn Lynch
  22. Pierre Thomas
  23. Josh Gordon
  24. Antonio Brown
  25. Justin BLACKMON!!!!
  26. Wes Welker
  27. Randall Cobb
  28. Jordy Nelson
  29. Rob Gronkowski
  30. Danny Woodhead
  31. Ray Rice
  32. Knowshon Moreno
  33. Doug Martin
  34. Jordan Cameron
  35. Jason Witten
  36. Danny Amendola
  37. Victor Cruz
  38. Mike Williams
  39. James Jones
  40. Eric Decker
  41. DeAngelo Williams
  42. Darren Sproles
  43. C.J. Spiller
  44. Brandon Bolden
  45. Willis McGahee
  46. Frank Gore
  47. Steve Smith
  48. Martellus Bennett
  49. Marques Colston
  50. Rashad Jennings
  51. DeSean Jackson
  52. Vincent Jackson
  53. Larry Fitzgerald
  54. Trent Richardson
  55. Le’Veon Bell
  56. Denarius Moore
  57. Vernon Davis
  58. Antonio Gates
  59. Coby Fleener
  60. T.Y. Hilton
  61. Alshon Jeffery
  62. Santana Moss
  63. Dwayne Bowe
  64. Chris Johnson
  65. Zac Stacy
  66. Hakeem Nicks
  67. Garrett Graham
  68. Kendall Wright
  69. Miles Austin
  70. Julian Edelman
  71. Anquan Boldin
  72. Jerome Simpson
  73. Maurice Jones-Drew
  74. Bilal Powell
  75. Giovani Bernard
  76. Eddie Lacy
  77. Fred Jackson
  78. Joique Bell
  79. Da’Rel Scott
  80. Jermichael Finley
  81. Brandon LaFell SEXUAL
  82. Jeremy Kerely
  83. Aaron Dobson
  84. Kenbrell Thomkins
  85. Golden Tate
  86. Emmanuel Sanders
  87. Leonard Hankerson
  88. Andre Ellington
  89. Heath Miller
  90. Brandon Myers
  91. Greg Olsen
  92. Marcel Reece
  93. BenJarvus Green-Ellis
  94. Bernard Pierce
  95. Stevan Ridley
  96. Terrence Williams
  97. Greg Jennings
  98. DeAndre Hopkins
  99. Austin Pettis
  100. Rashard Mendenhall
  101. Stevie Johnson
  102. Robert Woods
  103. Tavon Austin
  105. Stephen Hill
  106. Keenan Allen
  107. Chris Givens
  108. Davone Bess
  109. Kris Durham
  110. Darrius Heyward-Bey
  111. Jordan Reed
  112. Daryl Richardson
  113. Ben Tate
  114. Roy Helu
  115. Donald Brown
  116. Michael Floyd
  117. Nate Washington
  118. Marlon Brown
  119. Lance Moore
  120. Mike Tolbert
  121. Ronnie Brown
  122. Brandon Pettigrew
  123. Ronnie Hillman
  124. Michael Bush
  125. Sean McGrath (Note: Not the lead singer of Sugar Ray)
  126. Kendall Hunter
  127. Eddie Royal
  128. Bryce Brown
  129. Johnathan Frankin
  130. Vincent Brown
  131. Mohamed Sanu
  132. Andre Roberts
  133. Kenny Stills
  134. Kyle Rudolph
  135. Kellen Winslow
  136. Greg Little
  137. Rod Streater
  138. Brandon Jacobs
  139. Scott Chandler
  140. Tyler Eifert
  141. Jackie Battle
  142. LeGarrette Blount
  143. Mike Goodson
  144. Daniel Thomas
  145. Chris Ivory
  146. Reuben Randle
  147. Riley Cooper
  148. Delanie Walker
  149. Brent Celek
  150. Jermaine Gresham
  151. Clyde Gates
  152. Jason Avant
  153. Jordan Todman
  154. Anthony Dixon
  155. Tashard Choice
  156. Knile Davis
  157. Rob Housler
  158. Ed Dickson
  159. Zach Miller
  160. Sidney Rice
  161. Ryan Broyles
  162. Tandon Doss
  163. Cordarrelle Patterson
  164. Doug Baldwin
  165. Robert Meachem
  166. Kenny Britt

Worst Place: Mark Ingram
2nd Worst Place: Montee Ball
3rd Worst Place: Jared Cook

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