Russell Wilson And Johnny Drama On Set Of The ‘Entourage’ Movie (Mind Officially Blown)

  • Rick Chandler

Wait, they’re really making an “Entourage” movie? I assumed all the rumors over the past two years were a joke.

I’ll admit I was a fan of the show in its first season, back in 2004. But when it became clear that the whole thing was a big circle jerk and the story arc wasn’t so much an arc as a flat line, and they forgot to write in any conflict and the characters were going nowhere, I gave up. When your show’s big idea of character development is having Turtle start a record label, that’s a red flag.

I thought we all assumed that executive producer Mark Wahlberg was Punkng us with all of this talk about a movie.

But now apparently there are tweets from the “set”, and pro athletes are showing up and mingling with Ari and “E”, so I guess we can assume that a movie is real. What a rotten development.

Also spotted: Russell Wilson, Derrick Ward, Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Baron Davis.

Gronk and Edelman.

Wait … Saget?? Check, please.