A Chiefs Lineman Gets Absolutely Blown Up During An Interception Return

  • Glenn Davis

Pay special attention to the center of the frame in the video below at the nine-second mark: look in the wrong spot at the wrong time, and you might miss one of the biggest football hits we’ve seen in a while. Late in the first half of tonight’s Chiefs-Patriots game, New England’s Kyle Arrington picked off Chiefs quarterback Tyler Palko. During his runback, teammate Kyle Love worked up a head of steam. Love weighs 310 pounds. It’s not fun to get in the way of someone like that – even if you’re nearly as big.

And so Chiefs offensive lineman Ryan Lilja was the unfortunate soul to get pancaked by a rumbling Love. “Pancaked,” in this case, need not only mean flattened – Lilja was pretty much flipped. We feel a little bad for Lilja – he clearly didn’t see Love coming, and would likely have put up a better fight had he been looking for him. But this hit – does the context even matter? Sometimes, football’s about blowing up the guy in front of you. You can’t do it much more thoroughly than Love did here. Want proof? Check out the video below.

Now… who’d like to see a reverse angle of this monster hit?

Video by CJ Fogler.