Sad 49ers, And 49ers Fans, Will Harsh Your Post-Super-Bowl Buzz (Unless You’re A Ravens Fan)

  • Glenn Davis

This morning, we posted some videos of Ravens fans basking in Super Bowl victory euphoria. They were (mostly) fun to watch – obviously the fans were excited and got a little rowdy, but most kept the mayhem to a minimum. And who doesn’t like excited people?

Well, 49ers fans, for one thing, because they wanted the rowdy excited people to be them. Granted, you can only feel so bad for them since it was only a couple months ago that so many of these same people were celebrating the Giants’ second World Series title in three years, and the team seems poised to contend for years to come with that defense, Colin Kaepernick, and Jim Harbaigh’s manic intensity leading the way, but make no mistake – this was a rough way to lose, and Niners fans wore it on their faces.

And Niners players took it hard, too. It’s often said that fans care more than the players, but based on what we’ve seen of Niners players’ reactions as the purple and gold confetti fell, that didn’t hold true in this case – or at least it didn’t with several 49ers, typified by this gif:

But there’s more – and that’s where the gallery below comes into play. There was several excellent (if depressing) phtos documenting the Niners’ downfall, of both fans and players. We’ve collected our favorites – maybe that’s not the right word – we’ve collected the saddest below. If you want to get real acquainted with the agony of defeat real fast click through. All photos via Getty unless otherwise noted.