The Saints Bounty Snitch Has Been Identified

  • Dan Fogarty

The man you see posing next to Brad Pitt is named Mike Cerullo, a former Saints quality control coach who was let go after the 2010 season. According to author and filmmaker Alan Donnes, Cerullo is the man who blew the whistle on the Saints’ bounty system.

From 2007 through 2010, Cerullo worked as an offensive line assistant, a special teams assistant and as an assistant to defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. He also helped out with scout teams and breaking down film.

Cerullo was let go by the Saints in 2010, and reportedly had trouble finding work. According to Donnes, Cerullo believed that Williams, head coach Sean Payton, and others in the Saints organization made a concerted effort to block him from getting another job in the NFL. Eventually, he would find a gig as an offensive consultant to the University of Miami, a step down from performing quality control for a team that won the Super Bowl. (Cerullo currently works as a program aide for the UConn Huskies — here’s his bio on the UConn website.)

This is obviously a huge accusation, and has massive professional implications for Cerullo (as in, it would end any hope he has for coaching in the NFL again). So where’s it coming from?

Donnes is a local New Orleans author who occasionally writes for and authored the book, “Patron Saints: How the Saints Gave New Orleans A Reason To Believe,” in 2007. He describes himself as having multiple sources in the Saints organization — one would assume you’d have to know a lot of Saints to write a book about them — and during his interview with America’s Radio News Network, he intimates that Cerullo being the whistleblower is a well-established theory in the New Orleans media. Looks like Jeremy Shockey might be off the hook.

Video via SB Nation.