The Cardinals’ Sam Acho Made A Kid’s Day, Christmas, And Possibly Entire Life

  • Glenn Davis

OK, so this season hasn’t gone the Cardinals’ way. So they followed one of the flimsiest 4-0 starts in NFL history with a rock-solid nine-game losing streak and now sit at 5-10 with one game to go. So they lost a game 58-0, they’re wasting the presence of one of the NFL’s great receivers with their inability to find a quarterback, there are questions about whether coach Ken Whisenhunt will be back next year, and they lost 28-13 yesterday. I dare you to watch the video below and care about any of that:

That’s linebacker Sam Acho, and a lucky, enthusiastic kid. I’ve been known to be a bit grinchy with videos similar to this one, but not this time. That was flawless all around. Even the person who sent it to me, whose internet video soft spot is generally reserved for those involving cats and/or dogs and/or raccoons and/or red pandas and/or bear cubs and/or slow lorises and/or birds, etc., couldn’t resist. How could you, when they high five? Good on you, Sam. Definitely on the nice list after that one. (He went on to have three tackles in the game, for the record.)

[h/t r/videos via Jacqueline]