With The Stroke Of A Pen, Sam Bradford Can Reduce A Girl To Tears

  • Glenn Davis

A while back, we showed you a boy who got very, um, enthusiastic when the Red Sox’ Josh Beckett handed him a baseball. In that same vein, we feel it’s only fair to point out what is essentially the switched-gender version of that moment: the Rams’ Sam Bradford signing the poster of a young lady who would like very much to marry him. While we doubt Mr. Bradford promised the girl anything, she appeared very happy with the signature…a little too happy for some people. You might expect us to call such people heartless…but honestly, we felt sort of the same about the kid who got the ball from Beckett, so we know that feel, bro. And if you expect us to hold each gender to a different standard, well, you’ve come to the WRONG SITE, BUDDY. [Shutdown Corner]