San Francisco Chronicle Latest Newspaper To Dump ‘Redskins’ Nickname

  • Rick Chandler

Daniel Snyder met with Roger Goodell today and reportedly said that he still has no plans to change the ‘Redskins’ nickname. Even as: 1. Pressure mounts to change it, 2. The team continues to lose, 3. Newspapers and other sports sources are refusing to use it, 4. The whole thing is making him look like an ass.

The latest? The San Francisco Chronicle will not be referring to Washington’s NFL team by its nickname. That’s according to a report by NBCSports. The Chronicle has not made an announcement, but NBC’s Pro Football Talk says that a communication within the organization ordered the nickname banned.

The tipping point for the Chronicle may have come two weeks ago, in Callie Millner’s editorial ‘Redskins name doomed to dustbin of history.’ In it, she recalls the story of a couple she knows, of Cheyenne and Arapaho descent, who attended their first Washington Redskins game, about 40 years ago. Many fans, said the couple, could not resist :poking” and “touching” them, and stroking their hair: in other words, treating them like mascots, and not people. She too believes the nickname should go.

Millner’s is a poignant and well-reasoned argument, and the Chronicle must have agreed.

The Kansas City Star (ironically, considering the “Chiefs”),, and of course SportsGrid, have also stopped using the nickname in game reporting.

The 49ers play Washington on Nov. 25. Be sure to check in on after that one.