This Is The Only Way The Jets’ Very Bad Year Could Have Possibly Ended

  • Dan Fogarty

For a season that’s turned into some sort of peyote-induced fever dream for Jets fans, this all makes sense.

(Ed. note: Not the good kind of Peyote-induced fever dream. The kind with spiders.)

Rex Ryan told reporters this morning that Mark Sanchez, the quarterback he benched last week in favor of Greg McElroy, will start under center for the team’s final game against the Bills. Ryan had no choice, really: McElroy complained about headaches during a weightlifting session this morning, and later revealed to Jets trainers that he’d been having concussion-like symptoms since Sunday.

Ryan, angry that McElroy waited until Thursday to reveal his wooziness (but possibly angrier that he has to give the ball back to Mark Sanchez after finally sitting him last week) was “stunned” by McElroy’s lack of transparency.

Ryan can’t go with the other guy, because the other guy isn’t good and will be gone by next season. So he’s stuck with Sanchez, who might be gone by next season, too, and whose buttfumble was the lowliest lowlight in a season full of very lowly lowlights. In the end, the Jets get one less game to evaluate McElroy for next season, meaning, after a disastrous 2012, 2013’s already off to a bad start. In Jetland, that’s the only start it could’ve gotten off to.

Photo via Ben Solomon for the New York Times. Check out more of the Times’ best sports photos of 2012 here.