Sandy Will Force The Steelers To Fly To New York On Gameday

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

That Superstorm Sandy (I think that’s what we’re calling her now) is one massive bitch. But for whatever it’s worth to New Yorkers, their football Giants may gain a slight edge against the Pittsburgh Steelers in their game Sunday due to said storm. Because hotels in the Metro area are either booked or powerless, the Steelers are flying to New York the day of the game.

The flight from the Steel City to New York is but a puddle jump and the game is scheduled for a 4:25 p.m. ET start, so at first glance, the Steelers don’t stand to lose much by flying in the day of. However, as points out, head coaches are a very regimented people, Mike Tomlin especially. They have everything scheduled down to a T for their team, and this might throw a wrench in things, not to mention the time they’ll spend cooped up in a plane. On gameday.

Still, don’t expect this to have too much bearing on the game. If anything, I’d be worried about the Steelers having to play a team hungry to put on a good show and reinvigorate its downtrodden city. So long as Eli Manning can make it out of his apartment.

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