Seahawks Claim QB B.J. Daniels Off Waivers From 49ers; Twitter Thinks This Is A Big Deal

  • Rick Chandler

Let’s face it — B.J. Daniels wasn’t/isn’t going to play for either team. But in a world where the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry volcano gets hotter and hotter every day, there’s going to be a lot of chatter on social media when a new sacrifice is thrown in. Today’s buzz: Seattle “stealing” the rookie quarterback from SF via the waiver wire.

San Francisco waived Daniels on Tuesday, and Jim Harbaugh said the 49ers hoped to reclaim him and add him to the practice roster. SF then signed three-year veteran QB John Skelton (Fordham, Cardinals, Bengals) as its third backup (Colt McCoy No. 2). The Seahawks, who wanted to draft Daniels, proceeded to pluck him off the waiver wire today and add him to the 53-man roster.

Daniels is the exact same height as the Seahawks’ starting quarterback, Russell Wilson, and the two have similar arm strength and scrambling ability.

In our humble opinion Seattle picked up Daniels more for his knowledge of the 49ers system than for his impact on the field. Such is the strategy in the War in the NFC West, where spies roam the countryside and knowledge of your enemy is a valued commodity. But the teams meet again Dec. 8, and if either Daniels or Skelton get playing time in that one, Lord help that team.