Seahawks Mess With Jimmy Graham During Pre-Game, Saints Retaliate By Trying To Kill Percy Harvin

  • Jake O'Donnell

In what appeared to be a spoiled friendly, pre-game interaction, Saints tight end superstar Jimmy Graham ended up ripping a knit cap off the head of Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin, resulting in a heated moment that could of come to blows were it not for the intervention of some cooler headed teammates (from both sides).

Wasn’t exactly over yet, however.

Literally moments before gametime, Graham and shutdown corner Richard Sherman got into it again, setting the stage for some punishing revenge hits later in first half.

Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints

Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints

Percy Harvin, in his first game this season, would take the brunt of the Saints frustration, going to the locker room for some smelling salts and a examination after this terrifying, illegal pop by safety Rafael Bush. He would return after passing concussion tests, though his brutal reintroduction to professional football didn’t stop there.

On a funky trick play kept alive by the athleticism of Russell Wilson, Harvin (who was supposed to be a decoy and completely out of the play) nearly caught a lob delicately placed in the end zone, only to be hit suspiciously hard when already on the ground.

No he will not return this time.

GIFs via Bleacher Report, NESN, GifdSports