Suspended Sean Payton’s New Role: Jimmy Buffett’s Backup Percussionist

  • Glenn Davis

Sean Payton is appealing his season-long suspension from coaching the Saints. Reportedly, that appeal will be heard Tuesday by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. A decision should come shortly thereafter. Payton will lose. Goodell isn’t going to make a big deal about sending such a strong message by suspending Payton for a full year, then go back on it almost immediately. This is more a case of Payton figuring – hey, it’s an option, so he might as well use it. But it’s not all bad for Payton, though. Sure, he doesn’t have the support of the commissioner… but he sure has the support of Jimmy Buffett. And Payton’s paying him back:

Well, maybe “paying him back” is a bit strong since the clearly-not-in-his-element Payton wasn’t actually doing much on the bongos, but at least he gave it a shot. And if this is a sign that Payton’s going to spend his forced exile just showing up in places and trying out various things he’s not especially good at, count us in. It’d be a very Mike Leach way of handling things, and… actually, now that we think about it, might not make a bad reality show. Don’t steal our idea.

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