Sean Smith, Who Said He Did Not Illegally Meet With The Kansas City Chiefs Before Free Agency, Signed With The Kansas City Chiefs

  • Dylan Murphy

Most football fans met former Miami Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith on last year’s season of HBO’s Hard Knocks. He was always lined up across from (pre-headbutting) Chad Johnson, engaging in his fair share of televised smack talk. The Miami Dolphins eventually fell off the map because they’re the Miami Dolphins, and the season ended.

But then Smith popped back up on the radar because of his former teammate, Vontae Davis, who accidentally tweeted about an illegal meeting Smith, an unrestricted free agent, had with the Kansas City Chiefs – this was back on February 27th, before the date when UFAs could talk with other teams. (The tweet has since been deleted):

“I seen my dude Sean Smith last night he said he talking to KC him & B Flowers will makes a good Duo.”

Vontae Davis claimed his Twitter account was hacked; Sean Smith laughed off his silly excuse and acknowledged that he had spoken with Davis, but asserted that Davis misinterpreted what he had said:

“Ok this is getting out of hand, I’ve never talked to any other team besides the Miami Dolphins. Yes I talked to vontae and I told him Al Harris (our former coach) got the job up in KC and that I talked to him a few days ago to tell him congrats. That’s it! Now why he interpreted that as ‘talking to KC’ idk but there is NOTHING going on! This is ridiculous.”

There was no investigation by the NFL for tampering, and the matter was closed because it was never opened. But then today, Adam Schefter dropped this bomb:

Either this is quite the coincidence, or an illegal meeting between Sean Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs did in fact take place. We’re leaning towards the latter, if only because the former implies that Vontae Davis doesn’t understand the English language. Though, if he’s stupid enough to put the meeting on blast on Twitter, we might need to reconsider our stance.