Seattle Seahawks Rookie Bruce Irvin Thinks He’s A Redskin, Then Notes He’s “F—ed Up”

  • Dylan Murphy

Meet defensive end Bruce Irvin, 15th overall selection at the 2012 NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks. In a locker room interview on a segment called the “Real Rob Report,” Irvin was discussing the day he was drafted by the Washington Redskins after a phone call from Seahawks GM John Schneider. It isn’t until the interviewer points out the mistake that Irvin corrects himself. (Skip ahead to the 3:20 mark for the Irvin interview).

It’s not like this was a slip of the tongue – he says “Washington” three times and “Redskin” once. But instead of acknowledging his mistake with a docile “whoops,” or something to that effect, he went with a more elegant turn of phrase:

“I’m fucked up. I’m fucked up, c’mon man.”

He probably meant “I fucked up,” but “I’m fucked up” somehow still makes sense.