Shut Up, Pete Prisco (And Thanks, Keith Olbermann)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Pete Prisco DumbWelcome to SportsGrid’s new Tuesday feature, “Shut Up,” (pronounced: “shut up… comma”) where we add a name after the comma, telling that person to stop saying words, because they’re being stupid. This week, we say: Shut up, Pete Prisco. You were being an insensitive idiot.

Last week, columnist Pete Prisco wrote a dumb, insensitive column regarding the NFL’s $765 million concussion-related lawsuit settlement.

Soon after, Deadspin told Prisco to shut up, effectively.

And then Keith Olbermann took a bit more time on the subject on his new TV show on ESPN, addressing Prisco’s idiocy directly, with proper respect for this solemn subject.

So this week, Keith Olbermann will take over our “Shut up,” segment. Here he is.

This was far sadder than a standard “Shut up,” but it was damn effective.

And seriously, Pete. You fucked up. Your column didn’t only lack compassion; it was completely devoid of logic. Please shut up, and please apologize.

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