Shut Up, Richard Sherman And Patrick Peterson, And Look At Tyron Smith's New Deal

  • Eric Goldschein

tyron smith

Patrick Peterson got paid today: The Cardinals’ cornerback signed a five-year extension, worth $70 million, including $48 million guaranteed — which means he’ll probably make exactly $48 million from this deal, because NFL careers and contracts are a bitch. Good for him.

Peterson proceeded to troll Richard Sherman, previously the league’s top-paid corner, because these guys love to fuck with each other. Sherman’s deal is worth $56 million, with $40 million guaranteed. Therefore, Peterson > Sherman, right? Not if Sherman, or perhaps raw stats, have anything to say about it…

Okay, guys, shut up. You both think you’re hot shit? Check out the deal Tyron Smith, left tackle for the Cowboys, got today, via the Dallas Morning News:

Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith signed an eight-year contract extension that will keep him in Dallas through 2023 and make him the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

The total value of the deal, which carries through 10 seasons, is worth $109 million with $40 million guaranteed and a $10 million signing bonus, sources said Wednesday. Smith will make $32 million in the first three years of the new contract.

Again, only $50 million is definitely destined to end up in Smith’s pockets, and $109 million sounds like a nice number but is only theoretical. But, wow. Smith is 23 years old — younger than both Sherman and Peterson. He could finish out this deal and conceivably have another one left in him. He’s the one who got paid today. And if your argument is “Well, offensive line is a completely different position,” ask yourself why it’s a completely different position that appears to be valued much more highly.

So what can we learn from this? If you’re going to play football, or let your kids play football, consider letting them become an offensive tackle and let them tangle with other beasts in the trenches. It’s dirty work, but it makes you serious money.

Tweet pictures of Super Bowl rings and emoticons at him all you want, but Smith’s still the man with the biggest OL contract in the league. So, shut up.

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