SI Channeled Game Of Thrones To Crown Roger Goodell As Sports’ Most Powerful Person

  • Glenn Davis and Dylan Murphy

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1. Agree or disagree with SI’s list of sports’ most powerful people?

The king stay the king. Wait, wrong acclaimed HBO program. [Sports Illustrated; cover photo via]

2. Another challenge to the Redskins’ name.

A similar challenge a few years ago was rejected, but it’s one more bit of pressure that makes an eventual change look increasingly inevitable. [ProFootballTalk]

3. The most boring baseball card of all time?

SB Nation’s Jon Bois was on a quest to find the least exciting card he could, and others started chiming in. The one linked above was the best/worst. [Photobucket]

4. <3 you, JaVale.

Also worth noting: the stratosphere is merely part of the Earth’s atmosphere, not separate from it. [Deadspin]

5. Not sports related, still important.

laughing too loud is a crime; the government is coming after your cell phone; the official end of the Harlem Shake; getting mauled to death by a lion while having sex is as bad as it sounds.

Food porn of the day.

“Fluffy buttermilk hotcakes doused in maple syrup, sprinkled with honeycomb and complimented by caramelized bananas.”

So much dousing and sprinkling and complimenting.

And finally, tonight…

You cannot handle this optical illusion. Too optical, too illusory.