The Simpsons Takes On The NFL (Especially Cowboys Stadium)

  • Glenn Davis

Jerry Jones is an easy target for ridicule. The fact that he owns the Dallas Cowboys would be enough, but that combined with power he wields over the franchise and the ego that led him to pursue a stadium of this magnitude for his team…the man is a joy to mock.

And last night, The Simpsons managed to (indirectly) do just that. The show didn’t mention Jones’ name, and was really mocking the NFL in general – especially the practice of constructing buildings, at least partially funded through taxpayer money, that cost upwards of a billion dollars.

One look, though, at the outside of Springfield Atoms Stadium made it clear exactly which building the show’s writers had in mind. OK, so Cowboys Stadium doesn’t actually have a full city inside of it as this place seems to (not that we know of, at least)…but hey, the show has to take creative liberties somewhere. Video, via Fox, below.

[h/t Michael Tunison]