Skip Bayless Thinks Brandon Lloyd Dropped A Pass Because He Doesn’t Like Tim Tebow

  • Glenn Davis

As the Denver Broncos embarked on their Tim-Tebow-led comeback against the San Diego Chargers yesterday (one that ultimately fell short), one thought refused to leave my mind. Eventually, I texted it to SportsGrid senior editor Dan Fogarty, because I knew he’d understand:

Skip bayless is going to be insufferable after this tebow comeback

Bayless, if you don’t know, has a bit of a Tebow infatuation, always says he should be starting for the Broncos, harangues anyone who would dare to say otherwise…and the worst part is, yesterday Tebow gave him yet more argument ammo. Tebow has yet to show he can be a accurate passer, but he did make some plays for the Broncos late last year, and again yesterday when he came on in relief of Kyle Orton. He’s shown he can make things happen running the ball as well. If nothing else, he’s earned a shot to show coach John Fox what he can do as the starter.

It would be easy for Bayless to loudly gloat about this, to be all “Told you so!” and say Tebow should have started from Week 1, as he’s said all along. Instead, though, he…proved my original text even more right than I could have predicted:

Yes, he actually said that Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd (who not too long after this drop made a spectacular catch that allowed the Broncos to threaten to score on their last drive), didn’t fully have his heart in it. No credit to the outstanding defense played on Lloyd, and all credit to a supposed preference for Orton. And a ready-made (by Bayless himself) slogan: “Skipiracy.” You know he loved that one.

Did anyone else? We sort of doubt it. SI’s Jim Trotter definitely didn’t. Speaking for ourselves: we didn’t, obviously. Bayless tried to make it sound as innocuous as possible, of course (saying that whatever happened in Lloyd’s head took place “subliminally”), but at a certain point, it’s still crazy. This was crazy. Brandon Lloyd didn’t make the catch because he was defended well, and didn’t make the greatest play he ever has. The fact that he later did make one of the best catches imaginable – off a Tebow pass, no less – shows that no grudge, subliminal or not, factored in. Brandon Lloyd’s a pro. So’s the guy he goes up against. They each made plays. It happens. It’s the NFL. No Glennspiracy to it.