Slip Slidin' Away: Levi's Stadium To Be Re-Sodded

  • David Young


Great Goglie Moglie!

Last season the San Francisco 49ers went 12-4 and missed the Super Bowl by a TD. So how do you reward the team? Move them out of the cold mess that is Candlestick Park and into a state of the art arena in Santa Clara. Levi’s Stadium has wi-fi for everyone, is FIFA approved, and will host Super Bowl 50 (that’s Super Bowl L for you Romans). In a more pedestrian role, it’s also the home playing field for the 49ers, but during practice Coach Jim Harbaugh took his team off the field because the grass was giving way and his players were slipping all over the place. That’s not what you want a Super Bowl contender to do before the season even starts.

Levi's Field Re-Sodded

Quick, check your back yard! Is the sod coming out in clumps? No? Then you’ve got what it takes to be caretaker for an NFL stadium and the 49ers may be calling! It’s not like this season snuck up on them. How long has your favorite Niners’ fan had their 2014 schedule up in their cubicle? Since April? The Levi’s Stadium crew has three days to nail the grass down before this weekend’s preseason game against the Chargers, and less than a month to have the field ready for the home opener on September 13 against the Bears. No pressure guys.

And of course, here’s the winner for the obvious punchline:

Well done, Sir. And Niners crew, get to work!

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