SNL Imagines A Hank Williams Jr. “Apology”

  • Glenn Davis

Few moments in recent memory have been easier Saturday Night Live fodder than the Hank Williams Jr./Obama/Hitler/Monday Night Football flap, so sure enough, over the weekend the show gave us a look at what a follow-up Williams appearance on Fox and Friends – this time aided by a “media representative,” of course – might have looked like. There was even an apology…well, not really. Here’s the sketch, via Mediaite:

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Of course, the PR rep, played by Ben Stiller, said some of the things a lot of people have probably been thinking: namely, what was Fox and Friends doing letting this guy talk about politics in the first place? While of course ultimate ownership of the remarks has to belong to Williams, no one who knew the guy’s background could have been totally shocked at what he said. If anything, it’s amazing he didn’t say something like this in public sooner. We imagine the SNL staff, though, found the gift Williams gave them to be well worth the wait.