SNL’s Shannon Sharpe Sketch Was Pretty Awesome, Accurate

  • Rick Chandler

If Shannon Sharpe came with one of those sign language ladies in a box at the top of the screen, I could watch his football commentary with no problem. Sure, I’d have to take self-study American Sign Language lessons, but that’s little enough for CBS to ask, isn’t it? As it is now, the “Sprint Halftime Report” for many has become the “Sprint WTF Did He Say? Report”

Andre the Giant in “The Princess Bride” had better diction. But the magic is not just in how Sharpe says things, but in what is said.

Let Jay Pharoh show you:

Not since Gilda Radner lampooned Barbara Walters has “Saturday Night Live” been so accurate with a celebrity’s speech impediment.

Note: Mr. Sharpe’s wardrobe provided by the Orville Redenbacher Estate.