So Drew Brees And His Wife Are Really Into This ‘Noah’ Movie

  • Rick Chandler

Hey look, I’m not here to judge … people dress up in character to see movies. Ever been to a Star Wars premiere? It’s just that Ewoks throwing spears to beat The Empire’s advanced technology is a lot more believable than someone building a boat large enough to collect every living animal species on Earth. As Ricky Gervais once pointed out, there are more than 43,000 species of spiders alone.

And why wouldn’t the tigers eat the sheep?

These are undoubtedly things that Saints QB Drew Brees (pictured with his wife, Brittany) can explain. Brees is known to be devoutly religious, and recently went to see an advance screening of the film “Noah”, starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson.

I like Brees because he’s involved in charity, works to better the New Orleans community and doesn’t impose his religious beliefs on others. In other words he prefers to walk the walk. But he appears to be a lousy carpenter, unless that’s a real axe wrapped in tinfoil.