So The NFL Is About To Have Its First Openly Gay Player

  • Rick Chandler

So the great thing about Michael Sam’s announcement today is that it isn’t his first. He came out as gay to his Missouri football teammates earlier — during the 2013 season — and not only did they support him, they kept it a secret. That allowed Sam to make the announcement to everyone else in his own time. And that’s pretty awesome.

And he did it before the NFL combine (see below).

Above is the ESPN report as it concerns the NFL. One can tell that the league was ready for this day to happen … but it probably didn’t think it would happen so soon.

So the NFL will have (most likely: he was SEC Defensive Player of the Year) its first openly gay player. Some will undoubtedly say that Sam is being hailed as a hero for doing nothing, but those people don’t understand what courage this takes, or the nature of trailblazers. And to them, nothing the rest of us say can help.