So… There’s A Rumor That Aaron Rodgers Is Gay (UPDATE: Rodgers Says That He Is Not)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Aaron Rodgers GayThis comes from Perez Hilton. Please do not think we endorse the accuracy of this rumor. However, when I see the headline “Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Allegedly Outed By Ex-Boyfriend,” I just can’t ignore it, especially on the heels of the NFL playoffs, which the Packers just made.

Let’s see if it’s completely ridiculous, or only mostly ridiculous.

Earlier this summer there were rumors swirling about a major NFL star (or more) getting ready to step out of the closet, but it didn’t really happen. Apparently a lot of people were thinking it was going to be Aaron, and it sounds like it was the alleged relationship he was in that has done it for him!

This is literally the first time I have ever heard a gay rumor about Rodgers. The only specific player I’ve seen rumored, that sounded legit, was Kerry Rhodes.

Perez Hilton says that the guy being referenced, Kevin Lanflisi, was Rodgers’ “personal assistant and roommate.” If true… interesting.

Hilton quoted an anonymous “insider,” so, of course, don’t put lots of stock in it.

“Aaron has attended numerous sports award shows with Kevin, always color coordinated and without any double female dates, including the ESPY’s. Kevin was also the first person Aaron embraced when the Packers won the Super-bowl in 2011. I just find it really strange that as of late there has been many bitter subliminal tweets on Kevin Lanflisi’s twitter alluding to a relationship much deeper than a friendship he had, with who I perceive to be Aaron Rodgers, because Kevin has NEVER once tweeted about having a girlfriend, just mainly about the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Bieber’s music and sitting front row at Bieber’s concert. There has been speculation for years here in Wisconsin that Aaron is gay.”

Interesting. Again, COMPLETELY unsubstantiated, but not COMPLETELY ridiculous.

There is not much more evidence, beyond the mention of a tweet where Kevin was wearing a Packers Super Bowl ring, with the caption “Silence always comes with an expiration date..” Mildly interesting, yes.

So, yeah, that’s it. Pretty weak argument.

The only other thing I noticed, which was mildly interesting, was this. Three of Lanflisi’s followers on Twitter are: Rodgers,, and Mike Freeman. Outsports is “the worldwide leader in gay sports news, commentary, photos and videos.” My guess would be they followed him upon hearing/reading about this rumor. Freeman’s presence is particularly interesting, because he’s the guy who VERY strongly suggested that he knew that Kerry Rhodes was gay.

If any national NFL reporter has inside info on this, it’s probably Freeman. But, of course, he could just be following along with the rumor like the rest of us.

In conclusion, so my words can’t be twisted: This rumor is by no means legitimate or close to confirmed. It is, however, interesting. And I must say… if it turned out to be true, and if Rodgers decided to come out… well, damn, that’d be huge. And incredibly helpful for the LGBT movement.

But for now, it’s completely unsubstantiated bullshit, like most rumors on the Internet.

UPDATE: Rodgers has addressed the rumors.

I’m just going to say I’m not gay. I really really like women.”

So, as I said earlier: There’s no reason to believe this rumor at the present moment.

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