So This Wasn’t The Best Day For This Photo Of A Gun-Toting Aaron Hernandez To Get Out

  • Rick Chandler

If Aaron Hernandez was planning to tell prosecutors that he hates guns, well, TMZ would just like to say “sorry”. This photo was taken in 2009, claims the site, and this probably wasn’t the best of days for a Glock selfie to show up with Hernandez in it.

Of course, if everyone who took a picture of themselves with a gun went out and committed murder, there would be a lot of elbow room in this country. But, yeah, advice to North Korea: if you ever invade is, stay out of our bathrooms. That’s where most of our gun selfies originate … we are heavily armed in there.

According to TMZ, this was taken while Hernandez was attending the University of Florida. And on that note, take a look at the Gators’ official calendar for this month!

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