Some Chiefs Fans Not Cool With Tailgating Strippers In Arrowhead Parking Lot

  • Rick Chandler

There’s a new law in Missouri which says that strip clubs must close by midnight, and full nudity is banned (I weep for the dream that was America). So to help promote the now-struggling industry, one Kansas City club is setting up camp in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot prior to Chiefs games.

No one is actually stripping, but this still doesn’t sit well with some families, among them Angela Lukenbill of Gladstone, Mo., her fiancé Chad Smith and their two kids. Angela says they are boycotting Chiefs games until the strippers are banned.

“Having strippers around family events is wrong. There are places set up for them and that’s where they need to be,” she said.

John Seredich, the owner of KC Chrome, said they come out every year to try to promote their business.

“We’re just as normal as anybody else out here. We just want to have a good time and cheer on the Chiefs,” Seredich said.

Heather Lienbach, a stripper with KC Chrome said their attire is appropriate.

“We’re fully clothed. It’s not like we’re walking around in our heels and bikini’s and everything. We know how to act professional,” Lienbach said. “We’re just out here trying to get the word out there because a lot has changed in the industry.”

So it doesn’t seem that the issue is the strippers themselves … it’s the big honkin’ stripper club truck with the giant stripper heiney on the side. Anyway, the Chiefs say that they’re “looking into the matter.” And it may take a lot of research, including weekends until midnight.