Somebody Done Made Ryan Fitzpatrick Look Like A Dang Moron On That There Wikipedia Page

  • Jake O'Donnell

Harvard graduate and current Texans back up Ryan Fitzpatrick is, among other things, really, really smart. His up-and-down NFL career, however, has seen the sidelines of five franchises over the course of nine seasons. Point being: Fitzy ain’t exactly the QB equivalent of Nikola Tesla. Still, he’s smarter than everyone you know.

That didn’t stop some anonymous Wikipedia hater from making his default image that of a Velociraptor-human hybrid. He makey smarty footballman look like dumb dumb player.


During his career as a Bill, Fitzpatrick averaged 16 INTs, 20 TDs, and 2914 yards per season — which isn’t as good as Jim Kelly’s numbers so, obviously, Ryan Fitzpatrick sucks. Buffalo…we know it was one of you that did this. Just change it back and no one will get in trouble.