Sorry, But Cris Collinsworth’s Twitter Reply To Bill Simmons Was A Cowardly Cheap Shot

Sorry, But Cris Collinsworth’s Twitter Reply To Bill Simmons Was A Cowardly Cheap Shot
  • Rick Chandler

Much buzz on Twitter today over the Twitter exchange between Bill Simmons and Cris Collinsworth. Most have declared Collinsworth the winner — if there can be a winner in a social media conflict between two 40-year-old-plus multi-millionaires.

But was Collinsworth the winner? Or is he just guilty of a Richard Sherman-style tackle at the knees?

Our story begins on Sunday night, when Simmons tweeted this during the Sunday Night Football game between Seattle and New England:

Collinsworth, who was calling the game for NBC, fired back this morning:

“Thanks Bill: we’ll look for you gently breaking down on that hit show of yours.”

As you can see above, readers were quick to declare Simmons dead: the victim of a drive-by Twitter clubbing.

But here’s how I see it: Simmons noted that Collinsworth was guilty of naked hype — talking up the Seattle offensive line when they didn’t deserve it. No one will deny that NFL broadcasters do that all the time, and Collinsworth is one of the worst offenders. And the thing is, Simmons was right.

Collinsworth’s reply, on the other hand, came from the Nelson Muntz School of Wit and Wisdom. He basically just said: “Well, your show got canceled! Thhhbbbtttt!

Collinsworth did nothing to defend himself, or prove Simmons wrong. He just dropped a water balloon from a freeway overpass … and then he ran.

Yep, Collinsworth deleted his tweet. We realize that you work for a huge corporation in which everyone is covering their asses 24/7, Cris, but you’re still a coward. If you’re going to tweet an insult, have the balls to, ahem, keep it up.

I’m no fan of Simmons — far from it. I knew him when he was just printing a newsletter on a Xerox machine (and badly). But Collinsworth is a dolt. He’s the one spreading the true BS here.