It Sounds Like Aldon Smith Was Pretty Faded When He Was Arrested For Suspected DUI

  • Eric Goldschein

aldon smithNiners linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested early this morning on suspicion of DUI after he reportedly crashed his car. The fact that a pro football player would be driving himself around drunk two days before a game is bad enough, but Smith was schwasted, with plans to get even more schwasted had he not been arrested.

From the Mercury News:

Marijuana and pills also were found in the car, sources said. Smith had a blood alcohol level of .15 — nearly twice the legal limit — and didn’t have a prescription for pot, sources said.

First of all, I love that authorities now have to note whether or not somebody has a prescription for their weed.

Secondly, a blood alcohol content of .15 for a guy who is 6’4, 265 pounds means that Smith must have done some heavy drinking in the hours before the accident. Using this tool and assuming a few factors, we found that he must have taken 11 shots of tequila, or drank 15 light beers, or sipped 10 airline miniature bottles to blow a .15 — and since Smith wasn’t caught with alcohol in the car, that means he likely metabolized some of what he drank and was in fact even drunker before crashing his car.

Finally, pills and weed in the car with you? How badly do you need your pills and weed after getting drunk that you can’t just leave them in the house (if you’re gonna have them at all)? That’s quite a bit of intoxication for a Thursday.

We know this isn’t Smith’s first run-in with the law, but this one could end up being the most costly. He’ll likely be suspended by the NFL, if not the team, for not conducting himself with the utmost elegance at all times or whatever. But worse than the football ramifications are the life consequences. Aldon, you’re an incredible talent and on the cusp of being a very rich man. Don’t throw it all away for the opportunity to feel like the shit while driving through San Jose fucked up.


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