South Park Demonstrates The Dangers Of Tebowing In Front Of Speeding Trains

  • Glenn Davis

Tebowing might not be quite the craze it was during NFL season (though that might well change once a certain new Jets quarterback scores his first touchdown with the team), but its place in meme history was made fully secure by last night’s South Park.

The episode, “Faith Hilling,” was all about memes – specifically, memes that involve people doing things, as opposed to the likes of Keyboard Cat – and the essential goofiness/stupidity of all of them. And the children of South Park needed to learn: this isn’t always a harmless goofiness. For example, if you practice a meme, say, in front of a speeding train, things might not end well. You can guess which meme was used to demonstrate this danger (starting at the 40-second mark below):

Of course, it makes sense South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker would be especially familiar with Tebowing, being from Colorado and everything. Don’t be surprised if last night’s episode (which we enjoyed, for the record) turns into one of the most talked-about South Parks in a while, since it actually created memes of its own – memes people will undoubtedly practice/film themselves doing in real life. And we also wonder how many Youtube views the Oh Long Johnson cat had before 10 p.m. Eastern last night.