Spirit Airlines Ad Mocks Dolphins, Bullies Everywhere

  • Rick Chandler

One of our greatest outlets for social commentary is the marketing department of Spirit Airlines, Wait, what?

In case you haven’t seen the billboard/online/print ad above, here you go. It’s obviously a comment on Richie Incognito, the Dolphins and the whole Jonathan Martin mess, and it;s what we’ve come to expect from Spirit, which is now famous/infamous for taking current events and spinning it into advertising green.

The airline has received a lot of grief since it started doing this in 2006. Is their Dolphins ad over the line? You be the judge.

A Children’s Gallery of Spirit Airlines Ads:

2006: Hunt for Hoffa. The ad featured “an online video game in which players tried to find the body of the slain labor leader.” It was pulled within hours of its debut.

2007: Many Islands, Low Fares (MILF). Yep. “The ad featured the acronym “MILF,” superimposed on a map that showed the outline of a reclining woman.”

2008: Offshore Drilling. Featured a bikini-clad female swimmer juxtaposed against an oil derrick, proclaiming “We Believe in Offshore Drilling.”

2009: Eye of the Tiger: The ad featured a Tiger Woods doppelganger behind the wheel of a wrecked SUV, with the copy promising $9 fares.

2010: Check Out the Oil on Our Beaches. This featured bottles of sunscreen on a beach, with printing in yellow and green. It came out just after the BP oil spill.