ESPN Reporter, SportsCenter Anchor High-Five Upon Hearing Browns Coach Lost His Job

  • Brad Cohen

ESPN’s Adam Schefter just couldn’t contain his excitement when breaking the news that Eric Mangini lost his job.

While announcing that the Cleveland Browns fired their head coach, Schefter, who normally does a good job of remaining objective, started to yell in exuberance and high-five “Sportscenter” co-anchor Hannah Storm. But don’t get the wrong idea—the SC hosts want you to know that despite the celebration, there is nothing to get pumped up about.

Right after erupting in laughter, Storm quickly had an “Oh, crap!” moment as she realized she and Schefter had mocked someone’s unemployment. On air. As Storm informed the audience that the two don’t want to “make light of the fact that someone has lost his job,” Schefter added a swift “that’s right,” and “good point,” just before taking a look at his cell phone.

The Browns fired Mangini after his second straight 5-11 season. With NFL head coaching jobs as cutthroat as they are, Mangini will likely have a difficult time finding a new spot at the top after being fired for the second time in two years. But, hey: Schefter got the scoop, ya’ll!

[via Bob’s Blitz]