SportsGrid Podcast Episode 4: What’s The Big Deal?

  • Zach Berger

Welcome to the new SportsGrid Podcast. Each episode will center around a theme from this week in sports. The episode will primarily be about this theme, besides the occasional off-topic discussion and hypothetical question.

This week’s theme: What’s the big deal? (Please read that in Jerry Seinfeld’s voice.) The three big stories this week were Johnny Manziel’s Johnny Hancock, Clint Dempsey transferring to the MLS, and soon-to-be Olympic host Russia arresting gay people. Your Podcasters this week are Matt Rudnitsky, summer intern Zach Berger, and as always, our managing editor and your favorite sports podcast host: Eric Goldschein.

Here’s Episode 4:
(NSFW: Language and mature/immature content)

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Stories from the podcast:

Clint Dempsey to the Sounders

Johnny Manziel’s Johnny Hancock controversy

Vladimir Putin is a dick and Russia hates gay people