SportsGrid's 2014 Pre-Camp NFL Power Rankings And Bold-Ass Predictions

  • Jake O'Donnell

The 2014 NFL season will be remembered for two things: The end of the San Francisco 49ers dominance and Tony Romo’s final game as a Cowboy. That’s because Peyton Manning will win the Super Bowl — as he is supposed to — so no one will really remember that moment. Just the sad realities of the 2014 season.

Below, we’ve ranked all 32 teams based on their odds to win the 2014 Super Bowl, and added in some bold-ass predictions we think are plausible-though-unlikely. So don’t shoot us for saying that neither the 49ers nor Seahawks will make the NFC Championship game, or that Reggie Bush will have the best all-purpose season in football, or that the Jets will make the playoffs.

…or that Gronk will play 16 games.

We’re trying to get excited about this season, so we’re throwing out conventional wisdom. Don’t spoil the fun.