Spuds MacKenzie Is Back; 5 Other Beer Mascots Who Need To Make A Comeback

  • Geoff Magliocchetti

Commercials are a necessary evil when it comes to sports, but beer commercials in particular appear to be attached to the hip. They’re the type of family member you dread arriving, but when they’re on, they’re hilarious.

Predictably, Anheuser-Busch is coming out for the Super Bowl this year, and with reboots/long-gestating sequels being all the rage in Hollywood, their Bud Light products are getting in on the trend, with a supernatural ad starring Spuds MacKenzie, who appeared in Bud ads from 1987-90.

With nostalgia earning big bucks at the box office…sequels to Trainspotting, Blade Runner, and Jumanji are all due out later this year…it would make sense if our favorite beer mascots likewise repeated this trend…

“Wazzup” Guys-Budweiser

Bud has a strong arsenal of characters to go with, perhaps enough to create a Marvel-style commercial universe. Inspired by a short film, the new century began with America screaming, not of Y2K, but rather with its citizens greeting each other with the catchphrase inspired from the ad. The group actually did a “sequel” in 2008, a short film in support of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. In the era of social media, it’d be interesting how the guys who update their “Wazzup” game.

The Twins-Coors Light

Coors has mostly stayed out of the “commercial character” game, unless you consider their version of the Polar Express that gives out beer instead of hot chocolate to be a character. In 2003, however, they rolled out their “Love Songs” campaign, featuring the famous line “And Twins!” the ladies portrayed by real-life twins Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski. The pair worked their way into other pop culture fixtures of the early 2000’s, appearing in Scary Movie 3 and an series premiere of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Catfight Girls-Miller Lite

Between Oakland receivers more or less hinting they threw the game, Barrett Robbins going AWOL, Brad Johnson admitting he doctored footballs and the score that was never really close, if there’s one Super Bowl we could forget, it’d be Super Bowl XXXVII. However, we definitely remember Tanya Ballinger and Kitana Baker, who engaged in rather unusual debate over Miller Lite’s best quality was it’s Great Taste or Less Filling, the battle documented through the commercial’s appearances throughout the 2003 playoffs.. If you thought the hype over the battle in Captain America: Civil War was big, just imagine this one.

“Brilliant!” Guys-Guinness

Not many people will follow these two masterminds’ brilliant plan of drinking six beers at the same time on Super Bowl Sunday, but they certainly have the right ideas. The duo’s commercials would frequent take place at the famous Guinness brewery in Ireland…or at least a dramatized cut-out version of it…but they certainly liked to hit the road when it came to sports. In a sequel, the pair ended up visiting a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field, where, alas, the two’s trip ended in disaster.

Penguin-Bud Ice

These were more popular during the NHL playoffs, what with the whole “ice” connection. Give these guys credit…Bud Ice is somewhat forgotten these days, but its advertising campaign accomplished the impossible…it made penguins creepy as all heck! Seriously, good luck sleeping tonight. Although, he’s a penguin, so I’d be more than inclined to share my Bud Ice with him…as long as stops that creepy “dooby-dooby-doo” thing.