Moron Gives Himself A Steeler’s Logo Tattoo By Writing “Steeers” On His Leg

  • Jake O'Donnell

At first glance, it would appear that this guy forgot to put the second -e in “Steelers”. It then looks like he snuck it in, only to hide the only -L. Also, he’s changing from upper to lower case back to upper case, which I’m pretty sure isn’t part of the design. And the font is more of an “Arial Bold” than “Drunk First Grader”. And the -S shouldn’t be a musical note. That being said, there aren’t any good reasons to give yourself a tattoo (unless you’re bored and in prison). If you find yourself in such a scenario, make a checklist first:

– Do I have a tattoo gun?
– Am I going to poison myself with this homemade ink?
– Did I pick a location on my body that will drastically compromise my drawing capabilities?
– Am I writing words? If so, how are they spelled?

That’s it. Triple check the spelling, especially when your team plays in Pitsberg Pittsberg Pittsburg Pittsburgh. Also, as a rule, getting your team’s logo tattooed on your leg/whatever-this-body-part-is, is about as corny as getting a football jersey of a skull and crossbones. Capece? Good.

H/T Big Lead