Stephen A. Smith Hated The Super Bowl Blackout More Than You Did

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

It doesn’t take much to rile up Stephen A. Smith nowadays, or any days, but the Super Bowl blackout had him fuming. Now I’m sure many of us, especially Ravens fans, felt that Baltimore was jipped out of some valuable momentum after starting the second half with a rollicking kick-return touchdown courtesy of Jacoby Jones.

And yes, we can agree that the blackout on this stage was pretty egregious. Momentum shouldn’t be swayed by some manufactured, avoidable occurrence, especially considering the circumstances. But god forbid the 49ers could mount a comeback, Stephen A. wasn’t going to explain its cause as anything but the blackout and your argument is invalid.

Well it couldn’t have been that embarrassing, seeing as it didn’t warrant any caps.

I can hear Stephen A. saying his signature “thwarted” over and over again in my head. Man, he loves that word.

Alright alright, here we go Stephen A., some level-headed tweeting. I’m glad your engineer cousin helped you see the light.

You don’t know this, but Stephen A’s cousin actually gave up his engineering pursuits during the four-minute stretch in which San Francisco was mounting its comeback. At least that’s what has to have happened for all of his sympathy to suddenly disappear.

Take that, blackout. You’ve been thwarted.