Stephen A. Smith Came Oh-So-Close To Cursing On First Take Again (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

The internet missed another Stephen A. Smith pottymouth firestorm by half a syllable.

The professional debater/well of SNL inspiration nearly cursed again on TV this morning, stopping himself just short of saying “tinted sh*t” to former Eagles safety Brian Dawkins. This is a shame, because Stephen A. would’ve further solidified his lead among all active ESPN personalities for on-air profanity (he’s already got a pretty wide lead, anyway, and his penchant for slipping in under-the-radar n-bombs remains unrivaled, now and forever).

In the midst of telling Dawkins how scary he and his teammates on the Eagles were, Smith wanted to say “sh*t” so badly

…But he hit the “eject” button at the last second and said “helmet” instead. Alas, there will be no fantastic Stephen A. non-apologies this time, folks.

[h/t Jake O’Donnell]