Stephen A. Smith Doesn't Think Wes Welker Should Be Punished For Popping Molly At The Derby

  • Jake O'Donnell

Neither do we, but then again, we’re not writing the league’s substance abuse policy. Smith made the point on today’s First Take that, if Welker wasn’t taking Amphetamines to gain an edge on the football field, he shouldn’t be suspended four games. He then went on to explain how fucking awesome the Kentucky Derby is and that he kinda sorta understands why one might party their ass off there.

Stephen A.: “I know plenty of dudes who love going to the Kentucky Derby, because they say, for lack of a better phraseyology, the scenery is exceptional.”

Skip Bayless: “I didn’t notice the scenery. I noticed a lot of hats.”

(FYI they’re talking about attractive women.)

Considering that Welker has denied knowingly using illegal/banned substances to gain any sort of advantage, or that he does recreational drugs, it’s difficult to speculate on what exactly happened. Didn’t stop Stephen A. from crafting a rather entertaining hypothetical scenario where one might pop Molly whilst partying at the Derby.