Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On Steelers Running Backs For Their Weed Bust In Hilarious Fashion

  • Eric Goldschein

I mean, it’s not funny, per se, that the Steelers’ entire backfield got arrested yesterday for smoking weed — but it’s kind of funny. Really, Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount? Couldn’t you have stayed home and gotten baked? Who are the Steelers gonna start at running back if you both get suspended — they gonna pull Jerome Bettis out of retirement?

But you want to see something really funny? Watch Stephen A. Smith basically lose his mind over this on “First Take” this morning. His “weeeeeeeeeeeed?” line needs to be made into a ringtone. He does it twice.

Plus, the “I have never ever ever seen a joint or some weed in my life that is worth millions” part is pretty spot on. Watch:

And here:

This was part of a larger conversation about how Bell and Blount sullied the good Rooney name by getting caught smoking. And while you can argue about the ridiculousness of the law (and the NFL’s by-laws) in the first place, the fact is, you’re not supposed to do it. And these guys did it. Together. Dumb.