Stephen Colbert Is Not A Fan Of Madden 12’s Concussion Rule

  • Glenn Davis

Among Stephen Colbert’s most beloved recurring Colbert Report segments is ThreatDown, in which he highlights some of the biggest threats facing America at a given time. And despite a self-proclaimed love of football, last night Madden NFL 12 got a spot on the list (the others: Superman and Glee). Why? It turns out art is starting to imitate life a bit too much for America’s ballsiest pundit.

Colbert, it turns out, isn’t a big fan of the game’s more sensitive treatment of concussions starting this year. He made an argument against holding concussed players out of games we doubt you’ll hear anywhere else, or at least hope you don’t (“It’s the brain-damaged [players] who don’t feel fear!”), and even came up with a rallying cry Roger Ebert might enjoy:

“We cannot let real-world consequences invade our mindless video games!”

For example, he asked, “When I ram a police barricade in Grand Theft Auto, do I have to go to traffic school?” Really, Colbert would prefer it if real life took cues from video games, rather than the other way around – for example, firefights should end with your mom bringing you cookies, rather than human death. A noble wish indeed. Video below – Madden talk starts at 1:40.